An Attractive Tool to Increase Motivation for Writing a Dissertation

High motivation helps you to do research cheerfully and vigorously; enjoy and be a success. The best researchers have high motivation to research because they are curious to know more about their favorite issues and to be more effective and famous. But some students have not enough passion and motivation to write their essays, dissertations, or theses.

There is an attractive and useful tool to doing research with motivation and interest. I have experienced this way and I was able to do hard work easily overtime by this method.

So follow these easy steps to know what I mean:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. Create a new file. (Go FILE/New menu and click on the first item as “Blank Workbook” or press Ctrl+N).

3. Select four columns and several rows.

4. Insert a table. (Go INSERT/Table menu, then click OK)

5. Rename columns as follows:

    • Date
    • Plan
    • Performance
    • Description

6. Write Start Date In the first cell of the “Date” column, e.g., 2021/12/28. (For current date, press Ctrl+;.)

7. Then drag down the small square at the bottom right of the cell to the desired date as End Date. Excel fills cells automatically.

8. Now, you should plan your writing, so divide your plan (e.g., writing 40 pages) into very small quantities so that you can do one part each a day easily. (e.g., two pages each a day.) For this purpose, you have to write in the first and second cells, 2 and 4.

Then select both two first cells and drag them down to the corresponding cell in the Date column. Excel adds rows according to the first scale automatically

9. Select all cells of three first columns, “Date”, “Plan”, and “Description”, and click on INSERT/Charts/Line icon. Now you can resize the chart.

10. Report what you did and how many pages you wrote every day. In other words, enter the number of written pages in the “Performance” column every day. Manage your time, improve self-control, and promise yourself to do at least 2 pages each day as you scheduled.


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